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Replacement ITT Standard Quincy Compressor Aftercoolers

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Replacement ITT Standard Quincy Compressor Aftercoolers

Standard Materials of Construction:

  Copper Tubes
  Brass Shell
  Brass Baffles
  Steel Headers
  Cast Iron End Bonnets
  Nitrile Rubber/Cellulose Fiber Gaskets
  Steel Mounting Brackets
  Brass Hub and Tubesheets


  Rugged Construction
  End Bonnets Removable for Servicing
  Mounting Feet Included and Rotatable
  Copper Tubes
  Competitevely Priced
  Aluminum Foil Nameplate

Reducing your compressed air temperature causes moisture to form from the suspended water vapor in the air. Most aftercoolers are engineered to cool the compressed air to within 5F to 20F of the ambient air temperature. When the compressed air cools, up to 75% of the water vapor condenses and can be removed. Removing this water protects downstream equipment and increases system capacity. Use replacement ITT Standard Quincy Compressor Aftercoolers to help protect your compressed air system and associated equipment.

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Quincy Aftercoolers:

  Model Quincy Part Number SCFM Capacities Replacement P/N

Design Pressure
Shell / Tube

Design Temperature
  5-142-02-021-001 6244 40 SWT-Q-40SCFM 250 /250 350
  5-142-02-030-001 6245 110 SWT-Q-110SCFM 250 /250 350
  5-142-02-048-001   170 SWT-Q-170SCFM 250 /250 350
  5-142-02-054-001   190 SWT-Q-190SCFM 250 /250 350
  5-142-03-022-001 7734 145 SWT-Q-145SCFM 250 /250 350
  5-142-03-036-011 7636 280 SWT-Q-280SCFM 250 /250 350

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Quincy Aftercoolers
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