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Rotary Screw & Reciprocating Compressors

Advantages of Using a Replacement Quincy Compressed Air Aftercooler:
Much cooler air is being discharged from the compressor via the heat exchanger. Reduce the risk of fire from extremely hot discharge piping. Enjoy reduced compressed air moisture level. Increase your system capacity as well as increased protection for downstream equipment.

Shell and Tube Aftercooler Operation:
The most common style for compressed air service is a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger/Aftercooler. The aftercooler consists of a shell with a bundle of tubes fitted inside. Compressed air flows through the tubes in one direction as water flows on the shell side in the opposite direction. Heat from the compressed air is transferred to the water through the tubes. Water vapor forms as the compressed air cools. The moisture is removed by the moisture separator and drain valve. A modulating valve is recommended to maintain a consistent temperature and reduce water consumption. 

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Rotary Screw:
Quincy Rotary Screw Compressor Aftercooler
Medium to High Heat Loads
Air and Oil Shell and Tube Coolers
Air Inlet of 180°- 220°
Quincy Reciprocating Compressor Oil Cooler
High Heat Loads
Air and Oil Shell and Tube Coolers
Air Inlet of 250° +
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Quincy Aftercoolers
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